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Cherokee Village   Woodland Hills   Hidden Valley


Waterfront Properties


Gift Lots - $999


Sundown Addition - Big Side by Side Building Lots




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Invest - vacation - retire - fish - boat - swim - laze around - this is the fabled USA Ozarks! 
"Thank you! I am so excited and I already have family looking at buying property from you.Thanks again." Alvin April, 2014

cherokee village
Relax and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle in these beautiful fresh air Ozark Mountains.


You could own a piece of America just moments from now!



SunSpring Properties LLC is an A+ Accredited Member of The Better Business Bureau.



Sunspring Properties Receives 2013 Best of Cherokee Village Award


We have USA land for sale in three beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountain Lake Communities.


Cherokee Village   Woodland Hills   Hidden Valley


Waterfront Properties


Gift Lots - $999


Sundown Addition - Big Side by Side Building Lots







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USA land for sale - owner financing




Our USA land for sale is located in the beautiful smog-free Arkansas Ozark Mountains - close enough to the Gulf of Mexico to be warm all year - but far enough that there are no hurricanes. Locate by Satellite.

 Video- Arkansas You Run Deep in Me.


Our Cherokee Village Price List


Our Woodland Hills, Hardy Price List


Our Hidden Valley, Highland Price List



SunSpring Properties LLC, a private land investment company, has been registered in the State of Arkansas, USA since 1999. We're now one of the largest sellers of residential building lots in Arkansas - and one of the very few to provide instant online owner financing to all of our customers no matter where they live. We sell only property we own, we're not agents or brokers, you are buying directly from the USA land owner - there's no middle person involved.





USA land for sale - owner financing

One of two 18-hole Golf Courses in Cherokee Village




Everybody's talkin' about us. 


"I purchased three lots a while back from you and I have to say, in absolute honesty---that you guys are---by far and above---the best I have ever done business with!I do not say that lightly. I have done a lot of real estate transactions and yours went so absolutely smooth--it was like I wrote a check and the deed was handed to me! So absolutely easy---You guys did everything! And the prices!! My wife and I live in Alaska--and we are selling lake front parcels up here. We live 65 miles north of Anchorage--still on the road system---barely---and it gets---cold up here. I bought it as a gift for my wife! Could you imagine the look on her face when I showed her the deed!!?? I will send you a picture of that moment---It says it all!! I want more property--And like you said---You are fair, and I admire that. I grew up in Arkansas---My wife went thru the Ozarks in autumn--So she cannot wait to move down there---And what a community you have going there!! You have people from all over the world!! It will be so absolutely interesting to live there---I just cannot wait...We are so happy!!! Thank you again!!" Danette & Robert


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We have USA land for sale in three beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountain Lake Communities.


Cherokee Village   Woodland Hills   Hidden Valley


Waterfront Properties


Sundown Addition - Side by Side Building Lots


Gift Lots - $999


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USA land for sale by owner financing 

The USA Ozark Mountains are teeming with wildlife.



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“What a man has to do to become rich in America is find out where people are going, get there first - and buy LAND.”  Douglas MacArthur


Retiring Baby Boomers are looking for quiet warm weather lake communities far from major cities and pollution - EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE SELLING - AT DIRT CHEAP PRICES WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT AND INSTANT LOW INTEREST OWNER FINANCING! Why wait to get yourself a beautiful piece of America when you can do that right NOW? What else would you do with your low interest monthly payment anyway? If you're like most people It would just disappear into frivolous things quickly forgotten instead of buying you something REAL - something you can live on, even pass along to your children, and they to theirs...


“LAND is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything.  It's the only thing in this world that lasts, the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for.”  Margaret Mitchell


“It is a comfortable feeling to know that nobody can kick you off your own land!


LAND - they're just not making anymore of it!





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