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A lake community in the town of Highland, Sharp County, Arkansas USA


Satellite Map of Hidden Valley



All of our building lots are about 1/4 acre and within walking distance of one or more lakes - there are three beautiful lakes in Hidden Valley. Take as long as you want to build on your land. It's naturally forested, there's no maintenance of any kind, and no association fees. Property taxes are less than $30 each year. You can afford to invest in beautiful Hidden Valley and nearby Woodland Hills!


Please note that our plat maps are copies of copies, so the plat maps shown are the best we can do, and measurements are approximate. The lots are all beautifully hardwood forested, so please don't ask for specific photos if not provided - photos of trees look almost exactly the same. But you can sometimes move the image of a man around on the Satellite link and have a look around.


If you visit your land within six months and don't like it (highly unlikely) we'll swap it for a similar lot. All prices are in USA dollars.  Email any questions you may have.

Each of the properties listed below is available for immediate purchase by customers located anywhere in the world. Each lot is priced for quick Internet sale. Instant online owner financing is available with no down payment, and no credit check. (We keep the deed as security until the loan is paid in full.) Just be the first person to make the first payment to secure the property you want for yourself. Monthly payments include closing fees and 4.9% interest. You'll get a detailed receipt by email each time you make a payment. You can payout your loan anytime without penalty, and get the deed to your USA Ozark Mountain land. The terms of our contract apply.



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Hidden Valley Properties for Sale



1. Skyview Addition Block 1 Lot 24  Skyview Drive, Hidden Valley, Highland, Sharp County, Arkansas USA


Satellite  Plat Map


$4997 USD. No down payment. 48 monthly payments of $119.91 includes 4.9% interest. $220 closing costs due with final payment. Payout the loan anytime without penalty.


On Skyview Drive, this oak-forested lot measures approximately 60 feet by 150 feet, with a nice upslope, perfect for building. It's on a good gravel road, with neighbors down the street, just three blocks from Lake Mirandy! 



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All sales are subject to the terms of our online contract - the contract is executed when you make a payment.



If you have questions about zoning restrictions in Hidden Valley - contact Highland City Hall at 1-870-856-6199


It's a laid back lifestyle - be as active or as lazy as you want - anytime you want!





Wild Plum Lake in Hidden Valley

Lake Mirandy - one of three lakes in Hidden Valley.


More Photos of Lake Mirandy


This is is an undiscovered developing vacation retirement investment area with thirty year old prices.There are new houses being built and new roads going in. There are plans to install city sewer throughout Hidden Valley. That alone should hugely increase the already significant value of these properties as a long-term investment.



Our lots are fully treed - mainly tall shady oaks, there is no grass to cut or other maintenance. Some roads are not yet paved but they'll be improved as more people discover this pristine place and build here. Electricity and telephone are close to the lots. Local builders can get city water to them.


Now is the best time to buy land in beautiful Cherokee Village, Hidden Valley, and Woodland Hills. With the baby boomers beginning to retire, some resort areas have already seen the price of a vacant building lot skyrocket. Buy as many lots as you want for family, friends, safe haven, investment, or resale for a profit. We'll carry instant online financing with no credit check for anyone of legal age anywhere. International buyers are always welcome.


Transfer of title to the land you choose will be effortless - we'll do it all! We've been in the Ozark Mountain real estate business for about 14 years and we've sold almost 2,000 lots in this area. (We're investors - we only sell our own land.) It doesn't matter where in the world you live, as long as you have postal or FedEx/UPS delivery service, we'll get your deed to you.


If you're tired of city living, this private no stress fresh air community will be a paradise for you. Even though it's inside town limits, this community is so secluded and private that some of the roads are seldom traveled and have become overgrown. When a building permit is issued the city improves the access roads and streets to that house.





The woods are teeming with wildlife and birdsong.





We have USA land for sale in three beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountain Lake Communities.


Cherokee Village   Woodland Hills   Hidden Valley


Waterfront Properties


Sundown Addition - Side by Side Building Lots


Gift Lots - $999


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