About Us

In 1999, following a strategic alliance and the purchase of a very large package of residential building lots in the beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountains, SunSpring Properties LLC was registered as a domestic Arkansas real estate investment and sales company.


The founders of SunSpring Properties created the mission to use their extensive real estate knowledge and experience to market and sell their land so that "anyone anywhere" could become the owner of a piece of this prime investment vacation retirement land. They decided to keep prices as low as possible and maximize sales by operating from home offices, using the internet almost exclusively, and providing instant owner financing secured by retaining deeds until loans are paid in full.
By 2012 SunSpring Properties had become one of the largest sellers of residential building lots in Arkansas and had sold about two thousand choice lake area properties to satisfied customers from each of the 50 USA states, and from many other countries all around the world.


Sunspring Properties LLC is a BBB Accredited For Sale By Owner Real Estate Company in St George, UT  

You can verify that SunSpring Properties LLC is in good standing with the State of Arkansas by typing "sunspring" into the name search box at the Arkansas Secretary of State website.


We invite you to buy your USA lake area land directly from SunSpring Properties LLC. Click any of our three communities on the menu for a current pricelist of what's available. Send us an email if you don't find what you want, or have unanswered questions after reading these pages.



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We have land for sale in three beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountain Lake Communities.


Cherokee Village, Woodland Hills, Hidden Valley


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