Woodland Hills Property Owners Association Rules and Regulations


1. Only PAID WHPOA members and their guests are allowed to use either lake or park areas. Using the lakes or recreational areas without membership is legally considered trespassing.

2. Guests not accompanied by a paid member must have a paid member’s membership card with them.

3. There are to be absolutely no guns allowed on or near the water.

4. All swimming, water skiing is done STRICTLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. No skiing at anytime on Rainbow Lake. Water skiing only between 9:00am and 8:30pm on Lake Sherwood.

5. Boats are limited to 40MPH and will go no closer than 40 feet to shore or docks at that speed. No speeding or dangerous maneuvers will be allowed on either lake.

6. Powerboats must have annual stickers purchased from WHPOA on either side of the stern.

7. Personal watercraft are not allowed.

8. No trotline, limb line, jug or yo yo fishing allowed.

9. Fish limits and size restrictions are according to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. A state fishing license is required.

10. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the lakes or in the parks.

11. No glass containers allowed on the lakes or in the park areas.

12. Signs and notices are posted for the welfare and safety of all members and guests. Please observe them.

13. The people who own lakeside lots paid the price. Their lots are private property and should not be walked across by others; this is trespassing. Use proper launching areas and parks.

14. All members have the right and duty to check persons using the lakes for their paid up membership card.

15. No vehicle permitted on dams except for work purposes.

16. Rainbow Lake is an idle zone only.

Please note that the fees below are only required of land owners if they visit and use the lakes, or build on their property.

Annual WHPOA Dues: $55

First Power Boat add: $25

Second Power Boat add: $10

Each Additional Power Boat add: $5

Gate Keys: $2.50


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